If you are seeking home care services for yourself or for a loved one, working with a licensed practical nurse can ensure that all your needs can be met. We offer the chance for healthcare at home with the assistance of licensed practical nurses.

These private health aides can handle everything related to the care of your loved one. As these professionals will carry a bachelor’s degree and often years of working experience, you will have someone on hand to handle every task related to:

  • Assisting with home testing
  • Providing basic bathing and toileting
  • Consultation with doctors and other healthcare staff for care
  • Changing dressings and catheters
  • Case ManMaintaining documentation on basic health
  • Administering medication

If you need someone for versatile patient care or you have a loved one that could use the support of a trained medical professional in their home, we have the licensed practical nurses you may need to give your loved one the chance to live outside of a rest home and to maintain life in the comfort of their own home.

One of our home health nurses takes direction from a patient’s physician or other RN’s involved with a patient to provide ongoing bedside care. We would recommend the use of a licensed practical nurse to care for people with severe disabilities, injuries or a debilitating sickness.

The specialised care that a licensed practical nurse can provide can ensure that you have the right professional on hand to keep your loved one safe and cared for as their condition changes. If you are interested in booking one of our professional licensed practical nurses for in home care, contact us today. We can give your loved one options and a chance for better home care.