Having a qualified physical therapist available to your loved one in their home can be a wonderful way to treat a variety of medical conditions, help to strengthen their muscles and ensure that they can maintain their independence over time. Physical therapy is a wonderful solution to extend lives, improve mobility and strength after an accident and help people to stay physically active as they age.

Our mobile physical therapy experts and certified home health aides can help you through the process of at home care for physical therapy. If it remains difficult for your loved one to get to a facility for their physical therapy or to receive the regular care services that are required to keep them safe and healthy. At our home healthcare company, we can make sure that your loved ones remain well supported and able to use private healthcare in the home.

  • Review patient medical histories
  • Observe & Diagnose patient movements
  • Develop treatment plans
  • Exercise & Pain Management
  • Recovery & Mobility Management

With our in home physical therapy support, we can bring in physical therapists that can work in partnership to your doctors and nurses to establish a series of exercise therapies that can utilize specific movements to improve various functions at a time that it is most convenient to your loved one.

At home physical therapy can also be an excellent way to treat a wide range of common injuries like fractures, joint replacement, stroke recovery, motor vehicle accidents, surgical recovery, back pain, sports injuries, assistance in palliative conditions and more.

If you are interested in at home physical therapy for yourself of for a loved one, contact our team today. We can schedule a consultation with a mobile physical therapist that can come in and ensure you can still receive care. Whether it would be difficult for you to get to a local clinic or you need ongoing assistance several days a week, we can coordinate with your schedule and offer the best in care for your physical therapy needs.